GET TO KNOW Nick jones

• Three of your favorite hobbies or pass times:

  MMA, Working out & helping others.

#TEAMBSMD Sayings, Wisdom & Fun Thoughts: 

• What are you listening to on your way to work & why?

Rap music gets me going.

• Guilty pleasures: Food at a little spot called Altovra.

• Things you like to do in your free time? Workout and help others.

• When is your birthday? 11/1

• When is your work anniversary? Dec ’12

• Favorite songs to work out to? Beast by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard, Kill Jill by Big Boi ft Killer Mike

• Favorite charities & why? 

  Goshen Boys Home – all they do is love

  St Judus Recovery – saved my life

• Items on your bucket list:

  Visit Pyramids

  Trip into space