A Simple Procedure That Can Improve Appearance, Bladder Issues, And Sexual Satisfaction

If after childbirth you have been concerned about your vaginal muscle tightness or have experienced bladder or vaginal moisture issues, this procedure can help.  We use gentle, warm ultrasound waves to stimulate collagen rejuvenation, resulting in tighter vulvovaginal tissues, softer and smoother skin and improved function.

For women who desire re-contouring after childbirth, significant weight loss, aging, or injury to genital structures, vaginal rejuvenation with the NewYouMD® vaginal “HIFU” (High Intense Focused Ultrasound) rejuvenation system offers increased self-confidence and comfort with little or no downtime. Treatment can be completed in our office in as little as 30 minutes and some patients can generally resume their ordinary activities immediately thereafter, with no discomfort or need for recovery. An additional  session is generally recommended in order to achieve and maintain optimal results. NewYouMD® can also be used to help treat the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, loss of sensitivity during sexual relations and helps with vaginal dryness.

The labia, or lips of the vagina, can get extended with age or labor and start to project outside of the vaginal opening. Hormonal changes, remembering the drop for estrogen that happens during menopause, can likewise bring about vaginal decay or diminishing of the vaginal dividers. These age-related improvements can prompt a huge number of unsavory side effects, for example, vaginal dryness, inconvenience during intercourse and urinary incontinence for some ladies.

For a long time, ladies have accepted that they simply needed to live with these progressions as an inescapable piece of the maturing procedure they couldn’t turn around. Today that is not the case. High power centered ultrasound (HIFU) innovation for vaginal revival can assist ladies with restoring the young versatility and dampness of their vaginal dividers, lessening awkward side effects and permitting them to feel like themselves by and by. At BodySymmetryMD, we offer HIFU vaginal revival medicines to our patients to furnish them with a successful and delicate enemy of maturing choice for one of the most touchy regions of the body with really transformative outcomes.



Nonsurgical vaginal revival medicines have become a well-known choice for helping ladies to address numerous tasteful and useful worries in their personal territories. HIFU vaginal restoration can lessen a considerable lot of the side effects related with changes to the vagina and encompassing zones brought about by having kids, menopause or the maturing procedure. The technique is even protected enough to be performed only a month and a half after labor and between pregnancies. The side effects diminished after HIFU vaginal revival can include:

  • Awkward intercourse
  • Diminished sex drive
  • Gentle to direct laxity in the vaginal zone
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness

You may have your HIFU vaginal restoration treatment proceeded as an independent strategy or related to different kinds of vaginal treatments offered from our Platinum-O administrations. During your meeting, our suppliers will survey your condition and tune in to your interests to decide the best treatment choices for you and your objectives.



HIFU uses centered ultrasound vitality waves to focus on the layers of your skin just beneath the surface. The ultrasound vitality causes fundamental vulvovaginal tissues to warm up rapidly. When the cells in your focused region have arrived at a particular temperature, they experience cell harm, encouraging the cells make more collagen and elastin to fix the region. The expansion in collagen and elastin creation brings about a more tight, firm and smooth skin in the vaginal territory. Since the ultrasound vitality is centered around tissues underneath the skin’s surface, there is no harm experienced to the external layers of the skin.



HIFU vaginal revival medicines are fast, agreeable and helpful. Treatment meetings normally take between 15 to 30 minutes to finish, and there is no prep work required preceding your arrangement. HIFU vaginal revival techniques are quick and delicate enough to be finished during your lunch break.

A gently shaped wand will be embedded into your vagina and attempts to produce warm ultrasound waves into your hidden vaginal tissues. While most patients report insignificant (assuming any) uneasiness, we permit you to control the warmth of the gadget to guarantee you are agreeable all through the technique. There is no personal time or recuperation required with your HIFU treatment. When your arrangement is finished, you are allowed to continue every ordinary movement immediately.



While most ladies will see upgrades to the appearance and capacity of their personal region in only one treatment, a progression of three medicines are generally expected to accomplish the most ideal outcomes. HIFU vaginal restoration can furnish ladies with other advantages including:

  • Diminished vaginal dryness
  • Firmer, smoother vulvovaginal skin
  • Improved bladder control and diminished spillage
  • Improved climax recurrence and force
  • More tight vaginal muscles

When your arrangement of three HIFU medicines are finished, the outcomes you accomplish can be both emotional and dependable. Be that as it may, as it is extremely unlikely to stop the maturing procedure. We suggest experiencing support medicines at regular intervals as quarterly maintenance to guarantee the advantages you accomplish last uncertainly.

Try not to acknowledge the progressions to your vagina as a major aspect of the maturing procedure. HIFU vaginal restoration can turn around your age-related vaginal changes and lessen their awkward indications to improve your personal satisfaction and certainty.

The affordable procedure can be done six weeks after delivery and between pregnancies. To learn more, contact us to see if HIFU could be right for you.

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