Wharton jelly (stem cell)  is a tissue that surrounds umbilical cord blood vessels and contains high concentrations of precursor MSCs that have increased proliferation and differentiation capabilities compared with adult sources of stem cells.

Protocol for Stem Cell Implantation:

We start patients with a 7 day detox kit and schedule a lymphatic massage. Detoxifying the organs is important because when you become toxic, the mechanism for detoxification in the liver gets sluggish, and certain toxins can remain active longer than we want or than our systems can handle. This makes us sick and impedes normal metabolism. It also causes fluid retention, bloat, and puffiness.”  Lymphatic massage is important because it incorporates detoxification benefits. At the end of the detoxification
period, we provide an Immune Booster IV to help the body better combat pathogens and fortify the body’s ability to stay strong. All of these protocols aide with the ability to get “the most” out of receiving the implantation of stem cells so that they can better heal the body.

Why is this beneficial to you?

1.) Where do Predicative’s products come from?
Our human cell & tissue materials come from the umbilical cords of healthy, full term deliveries. Our products do not contain any fetal or embryonic tissue.

2.) Is it safe?
Our products are rigorously tested to FDA guidelines in our CLIA certified lab. Thousands of patients have used Predictive’s tissue allografts with no adverse effects.

3.) How long does the procedure take?
Depending upon the area being treated, the procedure can be completed in an office visit. Your doctor will be able to provide details specific to your treatment plan.

4.) Does the procedure hurt?
The use of our products do not require any invasive procedures, resulting in less pain and a shorter procedure time.

5.) When will I feel the benefits?
Depending upon the severity of the condition and your personal health, recovery time can vary. Your physician can provide more information.


Viably overseeing torment for the most part requires something other than assuming control over-the-counter prescriptions. Defeating injury, constant agony or ailment includes the treatment of the wellspring of the issue, not simply its side effects. With the pivotal and developing field of regenerative medication, patients can appreciate the achievement of a treatment that reduces their torment as well as targets and recuperates their physical issue at the hotspot for durable help. At Body Symmetry MD, we are excited to offer our patients undifferentiated organism treatment — a negligibly obtrusive treatment that utilizations particular human cells to recuperate harmed tissues normally.


Each segment of your life structures is comprised of cells, from your organs and blood to your bones, skin and hair. There are innumerable various sorts of cells in the human body, each having a particular and assigned capacity that doesn’t change — for instance, platelets will consistently be platelets, and bone cells will consistently be bone cells. Immature microorganisms, then again, are uncommon cells that do yet have a particular job in your body. In contrast to different cells, undifferentiated cells have the wonderful capacity to separate or change into a wide range of cell types, implying that they can possibly frame into any tissue in your body.

By outfitting the intensity of these clear cells, undifferentiated organisms can be coordinated into zones of the body harmed by ailment or injury to quicken the recuperating of these issues. A developing number of analysts and suppliers in the clinical field see unlimited opportunities for using undifferentiated organisms in regenerative medication, and Body Symmetry MD is glad to be among one of the principal wellbeing offices in the zone to give the capability of this promising new field. At our office, we offer our patients mesenchymal immature microorganism infusions as a feasible answer for a wide scope of wounds and sicknesses.


There are a few kinds of undifferentiated organisms found in the body that structure at different phases of your life. You’ve likely known about or found out about undeveloped undifferentiated cells, which are just accessible at the soonest phases of improvement and, as their name proposes, are gotten from prepared incipient organisms. Early stage foundational microorganisms are unfathomably important on the grounds that they can separate into each cell type in the body and have incalculable remedial uses for injury and malady. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of falsehood and contention encompassing these immature microorganisms since they are taken from a treated egg.

A larger part of undeveloped foundational microorganisms are gathered from incipient organisms that create from contributor eggs treated in vitro, which means in a lab. They are not gotten from an egg prepared inside a lady’s body. By coordinating these lab-developed undifferentiated organisms into explicit cell types, immature microorganisms might be utilized to fix numerous maladies or wounds, including vision and hearing misfortune, diabetes, coronary illness, awful spinal wounds and other extreme conditions.

Grown-up immature microorganisms, then again, create during fetal turn of events and stay in your body for a mind-blowing remainder. Likewise called physical undifferentiated organisms, grown-up foundational microorganisms are more specific than undeveloped immature microorganisms. Regularly, grown-up foundational microorganisms are tissue-explicit, which means they can create various sorts of cells for the particular tissue or organ when they live.

Mesenchymal foundational microorganisms, or MSCs, are a kind of grown-up undifferentiated cells that are multipotent, which means they can separate into more than one sort of particular cell in the body, yet only one out of every odd sort. MSCs produce distinctive specific cells found in skeletal tissue, including bone, ligament or fat cells. While MSCs have not yet been demonstrated to deliver different kinds of cells outside of skeletal tissues, their capacities keep on being investigated. MSCs can be effectively detached and gathered from an assortment of tissues in the body, similar to the umbilical string, bone marrow, fat tissue (fat), and uterus tissue.


As the field of regenerative medication advances and we get familiar with the abilities of MSCs, the clinical applications for foundational microorganisms keep on extending. Since immature microorganism treatment is an insignificantly obtrusive treatment, there are not many contraindications that would reject you from this treatment. Nonetheless, it is fundamental to have reasonable desires with regards to what undeveloped cell treatment can accomplish for you. Undifferentiated organism treatment doesn’t deliver prompt outcomes; it could take half a month to see or feel any enhancements, and results change from patient to quiet.

That being stated, foundational microorganism treatment shows incredible guarantee for reestablishing usefulness and mending harmed delicate tissues in the body, explicitly the muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments. Undifferentiated organism treatment can assist with lessening torment and aggravation, fix existing harm and defer or forestall careful intercession. At Body Symmetry MD, we offer undeveloped cell treatment to treat the accompanying conditions and concerns:

Joint pain


Back, neck or shoulder torment

Tendon injuries and tears

Sports wounds

Musculoskeletal conditions

During your underlying counsel at Body Symmetry MD, our health specialists will cautiously assess your interests and objectives to decide whether undifferentiated organism treatment will adequately address your necessities.


While the science behind immature microorganism treatment is very perplexing, the strategy itself is generally speedy and direct. MSCs are regulated by means of infusion straightforwardly into the wellspring of your torment or injury to direct the foundational microorganisms into your focused on tissues. After some time, the MSCs separate and self-reestablish into cells that coordinate the harmed tissue to quicken the recuperation of the territory.

While symptoms from immature microorganism treatment are uncommon, you may encounter mellow redness, wounding or growing at the site of your infusions. These impacts will resolve all alone inside a couple of days. Most patients can hope to come back to their ordinary exercises when their arrangement is finished. Personal time might be suggested relying upon the idea of your physical issue or agony; be that as it may, this is more for the injury itself than the infusions.


Since every patient and their interests are unique, the advantages of immature microorganism treatment can change. Numerous variables can influence the result of your treatment, including your condition, clinical history, level of harm, age and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. A few patients may require various medicines, however this will rely upon your individual reaction and progress to the treatment. As a rule, if a musculoskeletal condition or injury is being tended to, patients will regularly watch enhancements, for example, decreased torment or expanded usefulness around two to about a month and a half after their treatment.

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